The Benefits Of Working With C&E Acquisition

How Can A Debt Acquisition Company Help Your Healthcare Facility?

Cash Flow For Your Expenses

Cash flow is vital to any business, and a relationship with C&E can provide an accelerated, predictable cash flow to give your facility the ability to cover much-needed expenses. From operating costs to expansion projects, there are many demands on liquidity and competition for capital within your organization. With so many demands, many healthcare facilities are forced to do without or delay key initiatives. With a debt acquisition company like C&E on your side, you will have improved cash flow and with that money in your bank account, your business will be able to make upgrades and increase your bottom line.

Closing The Books

With the passing of each reporting period, many healthcare providers see their bad debt continuing to grow. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of accounts worth of uncollected debt on your books can have significant impact. These include issues with creditors, dilution of valuable resources internally, and the necessity of maintaining multiple 3rd party relationships. Working with a medical debt acquisition company like C&E, not only will your facility have increased cash flow, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of closing the books — strengthening your position in the market.

Turning Risk Into Reward

Although many healthcare facilities have their own debt collection process, many accounts are still left unpaid. Even worse, when using a traditional collection agency, accounts older than 120 days are often discarded as new accounts come in — typically more than 80% of collections come from accounts placed with collection agencies within the past 60 days. Facilities find that when they work with C&E, they are able to benefit immediately from a more comprehensive approach of managing its inventory throughout its lifecycle. At C&E, we are reducing the risk of an uncertain return and converting aging accounts into real money.

Improved Financial Health

When a healthcare facility works with C&E Acquisition, that facility will accelerate cash flow, better focus resources, and minimize the risks of having many overdue accounts. Why not call C&E Acquisition Group for more information on selling your medical debt?

The C&E Difference

Want to learn about selling your medical accounts receivable debts? Call C&E Acquisition Group today! Founded in 2008, C&E Acquisition Group has helped hospitals and medical facilities manage their patient accounts. An A rating with the Better Business Bureau, C&E Acquisition Group adheres to a strict patient-centric approach with full HIPAA and FDCPA compliance. Let C&E Acquisition Group help get your facility the money you are owed.

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