Provider Type: Independent Community Hospital with 360 beds

Business Goal: Maximize the ROI of an HIS conversion

An independent community hospital in a metropolitan area made a substantial capital investment in a new hospital information system (HIS) system. The project impacted all areas of the hospital’s operations.

On the cut-over date, new patient accounts were posted to the new system while old patient accounts where maintained in the legacy system.

The hospital’s patient accounting team then had to manage past due-patient accounts at three external collection agencies from two separate systems. Their doubled workload was further compounded by the significant learning curve of the new system.

With staff being squeezed and the return on old patient accounts diminishing, hospital executives refocused the team on the new system and new patient accounts receivables.

The hospital then sold its portfolio of patient accounts held in the legacy system to C & E for $1 million. The proceeds of the sale provided the hospital with some debt relief, allowing it to pay-down their capital investment and support the successful roll-out of the new system.