C & E has developed our programs exclusively for healthcare providers. The core principles of our programs are:

Patient-Centric Approach – At a typical hospital, 85% of patients come from within a 15 mile radius. They often have a relative or friend who is employed by the hospital. They can and should remain your patient after their account is settled. We recognize that our efforts are an extension of your organization and, as such, we commit to working with your patients in the same professional, respectful manner they receive from you.

Flexibility – We develop and implement programs appropriate to your needs. Flexibility and common sense are essential in today’s volatile healthcare market. We recognize that your needs change and we’ll adapt accordingly. As a long-term partner, we’ll stay focused on doing what’s right for your organization.

Financially Compelling – Your time is valuable. Your reputation is invaluable. We’re asking you to try something new, so we guarantee an improved financial return on the status quo.

Please take some time to review the specifics of our programs: