Unfortunately, the current business environment is brutal for most healthcare providers. Shrinking reimbursements, rising costs and changing reimbursement models are affecting many provider organizations’ viability.

C & E Acquisition Group has worked with client organizations on both sides of bankruptcy:

Prior to Filing
Organizations looking at ways to avoid bankruptcy have considered the sale of their receivables, treating them just like any other asset. C & E’s process for valuation and execution of a sale can be accomplished within a week’s time with a properly prepared and motivated seller. The process is structured, efficient and transparent, allowing the client to determine what is the best debt relief solution for their business when considering something as comprehensive as a bankruptcy filing.

Post Filing
For organizations that are in bankruptcy, C & E has an established track record of working with trustees and court-appointed receivers. That same structured, efficient and transparent valuation process allows these third parties to understand what is being sold, how it is valued, and how it can provide the same “quick hit” of substantial liquidity to the proceedings.

Once the assets are purchased, C & E Acquisition Group has the infrastructure and support team to effectively educate both patients and consumers, helping them navigate and understand the proceedings and how it impacts their obligations.

C & E provides liquidity and operational expertise to assist a wide variety of providers in a range of different financial situations during this challenging time.