At C & E Acquisition Group, we adhere to the highest standards of compliance and professionalism in seeking resolution with consumers of their past due accounts. Our approach, while not unique, is genuine and it permeates the entire organization. Our approach is to have empathy for the consumer’s situation and we attempt to collaborate with them to attain a mutually beneficial result.

Corporate Level

  • All appropriate licensing and bonding required in all jurisdictions
  • Hardened and secure technology infrastructure with documented processes for management of consumer information
  • Errors & Omissions and Data Breach insurance coverage
  • ACA Certified with appropriate compliance disclosures and transparency
  • A Rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Operational Level

  • 100% call recording
  • FDCPA and HIPAA certifications of all personnel
  • Small team concept with dedicated management and strong sense of accountability
  • Documented complaint resolution process
  • Proactive approach to engaging the responsible party

C & E and its parent company, Diverse Funding, are privately held and managed by the investing partners. Compliance is not delegated to a project team or a committee. It is central to all aspects of our operation and we welcome you to visit our operation center and see for yourself.

For comments and questions about Compliance, contact:

Mike Boyle

Certification No. P1309-1004

Dave Maczka

email address

Certification No. P1510-1143

Receivables Management Association Certified




Consumer Education Resources are available at: Receivables Management Association Consumer Resources