Whether your healthcare organization is for-profit or not-for-profit, independent or affiliated, large or small, rural or urban or suburban — you’re in a tough business.

Razor thin operating margins, huge liabilities, relentless market forces, and consumers’ expectations all contribute to the importance of maintaining great relationships with your patients, their families, and the communities you serve.

The promise of immediate, substantial cash infusion from the sale of patient receivables is tempting but any responsible organization struggles with the potential risks of this type of relationship. These often include:

  • Loss of control of patient accounts and the associated patient relationships. Patients could also be hospital employees, board members, donors, or other key constituents
  • Unknown third parties calling your patients about services that you provided
  • Security of your patients’ data in compliance with your policies, industry best practices and applicable regulations

Operational, financial and compliance-related risks abound. We understand these concerns and we currently manage them for a variety of clients.

Risks are mitigated through our servicing contracts, operating policies & procedures, data security capabilities, and our respectful approach to working with patients. We understand they are your patients from your community and it’s likely they will be your patients again and also likely they will share their experience with others in your community.

Let’s discuss the concerns specific to your organization and collaborate to mitigate or eliminate them. With strong references, millions of patient accounts under management, and a solid track record of success, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you.