REVENUE 120 and REVENUE 365 Versus Medical Factoring

We are often asked if REVENUE 120 and REVENUE 365 are actually medical receivables factoring. They are not. Key differences include:

  • We take full responsibility for the financial risk associated with our acquisition of your receivables. If the receivables do not perform, we have no recourse against your organization.
  • Most medical factoring uses open receivables to large, credit-worthy third party payers such as insurance providers. We are focused on the patient responsibility and pure self-pay receivables.
  • Factoring is typically a purely financial relationship. Our programs include taking responsibility for the management of the associated receivables, thereby alleviating your organization of this burden.

There are some similarities between medical factoring and our REVENUE 120 and REVENUE 365 programs:

  • Your organization is able to accelerate cash flow – in some cases, substantially. One goal of REVENUE 120 is to provide an immediate 10% increase over the 12 month value of your receivables, paid up-front.
  • Our programs are tools you can use to combat the myriad challenges that you’re facing from compressed margins, squeezed cash flow and the turbulent health care industry.

We do maintain relationships with many financing partners so we can assist you if factoring is your need. However, our core programs are unique.

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