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Healthcare Executives Site Financial Challenges as Top Issue; Bad Debt is #2 Financial Challenge

The American College of Healthcare Executives has released its annual report on the Top Issues Confronting Hospitals. The top five issues based on a survey of 350 organizations within their membership are: Financial Challenges Patient Safety and Quality Governmental Mandates Personnel Shortages Patient Satisfaction Within the financial challenges, the top five areas of concern include:… Read more »

Trends in Medical Bad Debt Expense

Many recent news reports indicate a rise in the number of people selecting health insurance plans with high copayments and deductibles. This variation in cost sharing will require hospitals to collect higher sums to cover patients’ increased responsibility. Expectedly, providers are finding it more challenging to collect growing amounts from multiple sources, rather than dealing… Read more »

Case Study: A Look at How C & E Can Help

Case Study: A Look at How C & E Can Help

Each medical facility, hospital and practice that we work with has its own unique challenges. While every agency has a different set of complications and history that will affect the approach that will work best for them, there is one consistent theme among C & E Acquisition Group’s clients – positive results. Let’s take a… Read more »