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REVENUE 365 – Turn Old Debt into New Cash

With changes impacting healthcare providers for narrowing operating margins, increasing patient responsibility, and expanding privacy and collection regulations, REVENUE 365 will help you ---

Let us purchase or lease your late stage, non-performing patient accounts from you. Many of our clients received up-front payments of over $500,000.

We guarantee residual monthly revenue on future day 365+ patient accounts. A typical monthly payment is $25,000.

Our team of FDCPA and HIPAA trained professionals are your advocates. We manage more than a million patient accounts totaling over $1 billion. We succeed when you succeed.

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Why Us?

  • Founded in 2008 and staffed by 125 employees
  • Specialists in late-stage medical patient accounts
  • Managing more than a million patient accounts totaling over $1 billion dollars
  • Immediate, guaranteed cash payments made up front to you
  • Enhanced analytics to support patient account resolution
  • We adhere to the highest standards in compliance, privacy and professionalism