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Causes & Effects of Swelling
Patient Financial Responsibility

The pace of change in the healthcare industry is accelerating rapidly. Higher expectations by patients for quality, cost, and transparency reflect our consumer-centric economy.

One of the most significant changes impacting healthcare providers is the shift from third-party payers to patient responsibility…

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Traditional Revenue Cycle
Processes No Longer Work

Increased patient responsibility is squeezing providers’ revenues and margins. The vast majority of patients are willing to pay what they owe but they also expect to get clear cost estimates up-front and flexible payment options.

Ballooning subscriptions to HDHPs magnify the importance and urgency of verifying patients’ eligibility, estimating patients’ out-of-pockets costs…

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Current Trends in Patient Account Management

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Top Concerns of Healthcare CFOs

Healthcare CFOs have a lot of things to think about right now. From keeping up with the latest technological trends to maintaining relationships between physicians and hospitals, it is likely your schedule is already full. Therefore, the last thing you need is to worry about patient medical debt. Let’s take a look at what healthcare CFOs should and should not have as their top concerns.

The Benefits Of Working With C&E Acquisition

Cash flow is vital to any business, and a relationship with C&E can provide an accelerated, predictable cash flow to give your facility the ability to cover much-needed expenses. From operating costs to expansion projects, there are many demands on liquidity and competition for capital within your organization.